rdlyons said: What time is the meeting?

—Posted on 7/22/14—

oops, i forgot to state that! It’ll be from noon to whenever you have to/want to leave.

(i also edited the post!!)

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Hello, Everybody!

We’re going to have a casual mini-meet at the mall on Saturday in Barnes & Noble at noon.

We will be trying to save a table at the Starbucks. I hope to be seeing some of you so we can all chill together!

Lubbock Panelstuck

—Posted on: 7/15/2014—



If you hadn’t noticed from scrolling around on the Lubbockstuck Facebook Page, we are planning to hold auditions for a panel. This panel takes place before Act 6, so no Alpha kids or Dancestors. Panels require improv.

This is not recommended if you aren’t comfortable at being looked at by a lot of people, or aren’t comfortable with acting.

Nearly every kid and troll is up for grabs. However, we will be carefully selecting only a fraction of the cast, since we want to start off small first. 

If you plan on auditioning, you do NOT need the full cosplay. You can contact the Facebook, or consult the Tumblr ask box and let us know you want to audition, or if you want some more information. 

Here are a few ways to audition:

  • Skype call. You can contact one of the mods or the Tumblr ask giving us your Skype username, and we’ll work on a time and date for you to audition from there. We will only share your username to other mods and admins. If you are part of the Tumblr Skype chat and want to audition through skype, you don’t have to worry about this.
  • In Person. We’re planning a specific day where anyone who wants to show up and audition in person can meet up with us. We’re aiming for August 1st, which is on a Friday.

  • On Video.You can record yourself acting as a character that you’re auditioning for. Make sure you state who you’re planning on auditioning for, first. You can post it and tag it with #lubbockstuck, or you can post it on the Lubbockstuck Facebook Page. If you choose to do this, keep in mind that any Lubbockstuck member will be able to watch your video. However, this can also be an ideal option if you have a busy schedule, or are still working on your improv skills.

You are able to audition for as many characters as you want, but please try auditioning for characters that you feel you have the strongest grasp on. 

If someone has already been picked for a character or we feel they perform more accurately, we will notify the Facebook Page. If we feel we have a big enough cast, we will post on the Facebook and the Tumblr with the results.

Thank you, and good luck!

Are the mini-meets subsequent? (i.e. once a week on Saturday.)

no, we really don’t have a set schedule, we mostly say “hey were having a mini-meet on [date redacted]!” and people show up, and not a whole lot of planing goes into them! mega-meets are the same way, but we usually spend a few weeks planing those!

Is there an age requirement to go to meetups? I'm 14 and would love to go!

Not at all actually. We’ve got people of various ages, so you’re good. You are more than welcomed to come to the next meetup if you’re able.

—-Posted on: 6/25/14—-

Hello, Everyone! Admin Chibi here. 

Another meetup will be hosted at Legacy Play Village from noon-5:30 on June 5th!

Cosplay is optional, but definitely not recommended unless you’re dressed in something light, like Jake English, Pre-Sburb John, etc.

We recommend that you bring water, and sunscreen if needed! We will try to provide small water bottles for everyone. If you would like to provide food or more beverages to everyone, please contact us by sending an ask or consult the Lubbockstuck Facebook to let us know!

LubbockPRIDE  also happens to be on the same day, but doesnt start until 6 in the evening, so some people will continue the meetup from there!

Hi! I'm kinda new to homestuck (Act 5 Act 2 Part 2) and I would love to meet up with you guys! When is the next one?

—Current Date: 6/24/14—

Our next meet will be on July 5th, from noon to 5-ish at legacy play village, and LubbockPRIDE is at 6, so a few members will be continuing the party there! ^u^

yo, its game night, were playing Cards Against Humanity again!


the password is: lubbockstuck

I just totally found your tumblr at legacy dude

awww ye dude, we put that up around Halloween (I believe), we’ve been waiting for something like this to happen!

When is the next meet up??

Well currently, there is a small mini-meet scheduled this Saturday, at the mall at noon (meet in b&n, like usual!)

We are also working on getting this months mega-meet planned, more info to come ^3^