Meetup for New Friends!!

Alright guys we have a new meet coming up! There’s a pretty good chance that now that high school is starting up again, many of us will meet new Homestuck friends. So we thought, why not have a big meet up just for them? This will be specifically to meet and talk to people we didn’t see at meets before, so we hope as many people as possible will show up so we can get to know eachother as a group.

The meet will take place on Saturday, September 6th at Legacy Play Village at noon. Please invite all your Homestuck friends!

Your tumblr is written on the Legacy park playground. I saw it when I was visiting relatives and we were playing sardines.

OMG, we couldn’t find it the last time we were there! glad to see its still up!

(Yes, we put that there around Halloween last year, its nothing vulgar or offensive and it isn’t hurting anyone, so we thought it would be fun to advertise at one of our frequent meeting spots! :3)

—Posted on 8/5/14—

Chibi here!

Yo people, sorry that this is super short-notice but to celebrate our friend mailmania (Sage) visiting for a week since moving to Seattle, we’re going to have a casual mini-meet at the mall once again this Friday (8/8/14) from noon to whenever you wanna leave! The usual meeting point is on the bottom floor of Barnes and Noble in Starbucks. We’ll wait until a significant number of people arrive, then we’ll be waltzing around and hanging out!

I hope to see some of you there!



Hey y'all. Resident member Kurlos makara here. I know it's cutting it close but can y'all send me some questions for the audition? Please and thank you

Well, we can’t give you questions if you don’t tell us who you are auditioning for, silly purlos (remember, betas only, no alpa kids/dancestors)

Can you send me a list of questions? I have to audition using video because I don't have skype or a way to make it to the auditions

alrighty! who do you plan to audition for?

SORRY I KEEP SENDING STUFF AHH I JUST HAVE A LOT TO SAY!! I didn't realize I was that far,wow. I thought I hadn't gotten to act 6 yet, so that clears things up for me. One more question (again oops) what all will we be doing during the audition?

—Answered on 2/28/14—

Chibi here!

For the audition, you just need to answer questions as how the character your auditioning for would answer them. Pretty simple, actually! You don’t need to be in cosplay or anything (though if you feel it helps, then by all means go ahead). Just answer some questions as your character and act as much like them as possible!

Sorry,one more question. I know you said that you weren't doing anyone after Act 6, but how far along would you recommend us to be. For example, I want to audition for Jade, but I'm a little bit past the part where Gamzee kinda... yeah. Thanks!!

Hello Anon! Admin Demka Here! image

And, basically, this is a beginner-friendly panel, and doing an audition that has act 6 references is fine. However, comma, please note that we’re going to be sticking to the canon up til the end of act 5 for the actual panel.

Thank you for Auditioning!! : D

~Demka E. Belikov 

I have a few questions. Do you have to be a certain age to audition? What kind of panel is it? When will this be? Sorry if some of this has already been answered. Thank you!

1: no you can be any age, unless your like 6. if your 6 your parents need to watch you more better!

2: it is a Q&A type panel, but we might throw a skit or a game in there ;)

3: no actual date has been decided yet, we would like to get a slot at Ama-Con 2015, but that’s still about a year away, so we may do something small before then!

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To anyone it concerns:
You have till FRIDAY (8/1/14) to turn in your auditions for the LubbockStuck Panel!

Reblogging for the day crowd, we still have lots of characters that haven’t been auditioned for, so please dont be shy! (only the betas tho, no alphas/dancestors)